Thirst Trap For L’Inconnue De La Seine

RJ Equality Ingram

          For Wesley Gibson

Often I have imagined myself arguing
Softly w/ the wind & wake the way oars
Slip in & out of the murk barely a splash
A quiet night on an empty bridge me & my
Basket of pears I might be carrying just
To drop one in after another so casually
My teacher flung himself from a bridge
So romantically suicide sounds bizarre
In the mouth his life ended like a sentence
First subject then predicate then period
How simply words fall onto another & kiss
Each other w/ the smallest slips of space
Yours are the most kissed lips in the world
Imagine his the most kissed lips in the bay

RJ Equality Ingram

RJ EQUALITY INGRAM works as a necromancer for a nonprofit in Portland, Oregon where they bring used books back to life. RJ holds an MFA from Saint Mary’s College of California with concentrations in poetry & creative nonfiction. More work can be found in Miniskirt Magazine, The Poet Heroic, & White Stag among others. RJ’s cat Brenda lost a leg in a scansion accident.

Art: “Swan Pieta” by Virgil Suárez, Digital Collage

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