Category: Contest Winners

Our Spring Issue contest winners.

Welcome to Bad Mom Club

(Nine Alternatives to Reconciliation) Marne Litfin Winner of the 2021 Spring Nonfiction Contest “Is the Great American Novel you’re working on, the story of a young girl, who was emotionally...

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Oil Painting of a Hand Holding a Taxidermied Bluebird

Gustav Parker Hibbett Greg Grummer Poetry Contest Runner Up, 2020 Center-right: wings invisible, pinned like buttoned fronts of jackets around a rigid waxdrop body; small-clawed feet fixed or glued...

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Jake Bauer Greg Grummer Poetry Contest Winner 2020 I’d been all morningtrying to fix thisdamn thing. I was aimingto finally nail downthe symbolic.The field by the airportwalked right into...

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Kira Homsher Contest Winner Beyond the backyard of my childhood home, through a thicket of trees, across the field and down the street was the white-paneled house where the Hartmann family lived. Two...

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It’s a Phase

Kevin Sterne Contest Winner My nephew takes pictures of dead animals with a disposable camera. My sister said this might be an issue when she asked me to watch him for the weekend.       “It’s...

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