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Work from our Incarcerated Writers Project.

In Conversation with Kelli Taylor of The Free Minds Book Club

By Sarah Wilson Recently, I was able to speak with Kelli Taylor, co-founder of the Free Minds Book Club and Writing Workshop. Beginning in 2002, the group began its work with youth convicted as...

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On Writing Our Way Out: Memoirs from Jail by David Coogan

Reviewed by Sarah Wilson In a time of rejuvenated discourse on racial inequality and criminal justice reform, it seemed appropriate to revisit David Coogan’s 2016 memoir, Writing Our Way Out:...

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Ameelio: Fighting the Injustice of High-Cost Prison Communication

By Melissa Wade In order to communicate with an incarcerated loved one, just for 15 minutes, you might have to pay upwards of $25. Those 15 minutes might be all you can afford; they might be your...

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