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Issue 19.3&4, Summer 1990


Table of Contents



  • Mark Henke, “Pacific ARR,” “Paddleboats on the Tidal Basin”
  • Stephanie Ivanoff, “Gemütlichkeit,” “The Soul Wants Hotels”
  • Daniel James Sundahl, “The Immigrant Yonkers Ramp to His Sweetheart”
  • William Miller, “A Dutch Interior”
  • Charles Rafferty, “Corn”
  • Sara Harrell, “Indulging in Sweets”
  • Harold Stusnick, “bobby says,” “Jeffers, Dawes and Me, Driving to Mexico to Find Ambrose Bierce”
  • Christian Nagle, “Alzheimer’s”
  • John Hrusoff, “Conversations with a Dead Great Aunt”
  • Naomi Theirs, “What Fell Away”
  • Rebecca L. Wee, “Grimaldi’s Descendant”
  • Greg Grummer, “Diminishing”
  • Dina Ben-Lev, “The Love Trip,” “Note for a Missing Friend”
  • Carl Gottesman, “Bathing an Old Woman”
  • Maria Montero, “Soy el pájaro Verde” (“I am a Green Bird”) translation by Zoe Anglesey
  • Mark Taksa, “Philosophy Digger”
  • Michael A. Schaffner, “Rialto”
  • Jane Schapiro, “The Scream”
  • Vance Philip Hedderel, “Meet Me To-Night in Dreamland”
  • Mel Belin, “Vision”
  • Lenny Lianne, “The Bruise Speaks for Itself”
  • Jeff Schiff, “Koshering”
  • Perry Epes, “In Cornwall, before Tupping Time”
  • Frances Lindsay, “Men with Soft Voices”

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