The Worst That Could Happen

Poetry Maureen Thorson

You’re lost. The gunmen don’t speak English. You forgot you had a test and you’re naked and it’s a shop test and you crush something vital in the...

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Phoebe’s AWP reading event!

In conjunction with Big Lucks, Folio, and Gigantic Sequins

7 PM on Wednesday, February 2nd

Grand Central, 2447 18th St NW

Washington DC...

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“Many Muses”

Featured Art Linda Plaisted

A pioneer in contemporary photographic illustration and photomontage, each piece of artwork she creates is layered by hand with images she has captured...

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Not a Family

Fiction Jessica Hollander

Here, she could carefully read the directions and administer the test. She could sit on the toilet watching the white stick’s cloudy window without the...

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The Tourist Trail by John Yunker

Book Review Collin Grabarek

Perhaps the competing narrative of Robert Porter, an FBI agent bound for a mission in Argentina, should have tipped me off, but if you'd told me after...

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Poetry Maureen Thorson

This place is lousy with candelabra,

the expected dust

and simulacra of violence......

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Fall contests! $1000s in prizes + publication

Winter Fiction Contest: judged by Caitlin Horrocks.

Greg Grummer Poetry Award: judged by Dan Beachy-Quick.

FIRST EVER! Nonfiction Contest: judged by Shauna Cross....

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Rearview Mirror

Nonfiction Lori May

Crossing the neutral ground through the tunnel, or one of the bridges, is like holding one's breath. Time seems to stop. Space does not exist. The matter of...

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Hank: a book review

Book Review Daniel D'Angelo

I have no love (nor hate, to be fair) for country music or folk singers, and zero involvement in their history. I have, therefore, no idea who Hank...

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How We Respond is What It Means

Poetry Marc McKee

In this time it is impossible not to love

at least one monster. Venom laces the air,

you are in a house with

the feeling of every light in...

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