A Book About Business for the Self

Blog Daniel D'Angelo

We’re so self-interested that we’ll buy anything that supposedly will make us better, happier—we’ll buy things that explain our memories to us, that tidy...

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To find a priceless home

Poetry Josh Fomon

You sift through hours

of tongues you find a ring

to echo and binding

an eye strewn on your wrist...

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Fall for the Book: Writing Africa Panel

Blog Will Fawley

The panel featured readings by Helon Habila, E. C. Osondu, and Susi Wyss. These three distinct voices offered engaging and completely different stories inspired by...

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Letter from the Editor

Blog Bryan Koen

Of course, if you’re reading this, then chances are you’re already familiar with the magazine—perhaps even aware that we’ve been around for quite awhile....

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Sunset Fever

Poetry Jason Bredle

I was sitting in a convertible in front of a bank 

holding a briefcase full of cash....

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I’d Like to Talk About the Bigger Stuff

Nonfiction R. B. Moreno

Today, in leafing through a bundle of letters to Kyrgyzstan, postmarked in Colorado, a sense of guilt begins to build. The feeling that I abandoned this...

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Terror Bird

Poetry Jason Bredle

Of all the characters you do, “guy with a sexy

foreign accent who is also a pervert” will always

be one of my favorites. ...

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Complex Relationships

Visual Art Erik Pennebaker

He travels extensively and says that for him, photography is a way of organizing and making meaning of diverse memories and experiences......

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When You Told Me It Wasn’t a Honeymoon

Nonfiction Nina Boutsikaris

So we stayed on the trail and followed it down through the brush and over a rushing stream with soaked stones the color of chicken skin. Above us, the...

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The Best Way to Drink Tea

Blog Mike Walsh

The most ostensible feature of Fauteux’s work in this book is its “edginess,” an obsessive compulsive turning-things-over reflected in the restlessness of...

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