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Issue 10.4, Summer 1981

10Table of Contents


Readers at Mason

  • Harriet Zinnes
  • David McAleavey


  • Edgar H. de Lesseps, “A Perfect Story”
  • Philip Hughes, “Raw Meat”
  • Harriet Zinnes, “Black Snake”
  • Robert H. O’Connor, “Semendra”
  • Patty Summers, Jonathan’s Lament (excerpt)
  • Johnathan Lowe, “Work Detail”
  • Robert Flanagan, “Mayday”


  • Roger Finch, “French Naive Art (ca. 1820): The Fall Into the Cellar,” “Heliopsis,” “The Sun Hangs Like Royalty in the Apsis of the Earth”
  • Constance Clark, “Vandalism”
  • Lyn Lifshin, “Madonna Poems,” “Lightning Bugs, Branches,” “The Reading
  • Emilie Glen, “From Barcelona”
  • Carolyn Kreiter-Kurylo, “Contrary Visions in the Gallery, White on White
  • Fritz Hamilton, “A Father Glad She’s Back,””A Father’s Request,” “A Father’s Concern,” “A Father Writes His Son,” “A Father Talks to His Son at Pontiac,” “A Father Asks a Question,” “A Father Opens Up to His Daughter,” “A Father Not Mad”
  • Steven C. Levi, “The Last Raven,” “Inlet Villanelle”
  • Pat Myren, “By Any Other Name”
  • Mark Anderson, “Angel or Photograph”
  • Greg Triplett, “For My Mother and Father,” “Leaving,” “This Calm,” “For Ann”
  • Jack Barrack, “Vacation’s End,” “Lab Mice Going North,” “Stitches,” “Lazarus Lived Here”
  • Ivan Arguelles, “Chimera,” “Medea,” “Cold Silver,” “BEATRICE visits dante”
  • Sheila Barrows, “Dinner at the Ritz”
  • W.E. Gorrilles, “Little Death”
  • Harriet Zinnes, “The Poem,” “Guadalajara,” “Snow Snow Snow”
  • Pun Que, “1 the sun & 2 the moon,” “The second step is the voyage,” “10 Step Magic Trick,” “Esoterica on Beauty and the Beast,” “A final nightmusic”
  • Marty Walsh, “They Jumped in Like Live Bait,” “The Living Room,” “I Used to Deny Death and Age,” “Shadows Lay Dark Flowers”
  • Cis Porter, “Charley”
  • M.L. Hester, “The Farmer’s Daughter,” “Poem to Bear,” “Poem to Seal,” “a man sat”
  • Robert F. Whisler, “tigers and wolves”
  • Serge Lecomte, “The Six O’Clock News,” “See the World,” “Free,” “Letter to Mom,” “Following,” “Foolishness”
  • David McAleavey, “Psyche Goes West,” “Sea Grass and Breezes”
  • Mark Madigan, “Letter to a Deaf Mute”
  • Kathryn Larson, “Blue Shadows”
  • Florence Barbera, “High to Low”
  • Michael P. McDermott, “The Bass Player,” “Drinkin’ Vultures”


  • RuthAnn Barr
  • Art Cole
  • Jane Dix
  • Jessie Gardner
  • Jane Anne Gideon
  • J.F. Hannon IV
  • Pat Hutchens
  • Joan Keightley
  • Diana Lynch
  • Barbara O’Brien
  • Donald Phillips
  • Susan Pomponio
  • Rob Sacilotto
  • Diane Sifford
  • Cathy Smith


  • William Buser
  • J.W. Harchick

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