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Issue 14.1&2, Fall 1984


Table of Contents

Featured Poet: Virginia Downs

  • Peter Klappert, “Tribute to Virginia Downs”
  • Virginia Downs, “Small Song (after Chagall),” “Day Lilies,” “The Unsurprised,” “The Gatherer’s Eye,” “Reflections For You On Reading Ginsberg’s ‘Who Be Kind To,'” “It Has Taken So Long,” “Orpheus Later”


  • Mark Winegardner, “The Batting Cage”
  • Jane Ray Halpin, “Garish Beach”
  • Kathryn K. Abdul-Baki, “Hashish”
  • Richard Broderick, “Autumn, 4:00 p.m.”


  • Richard Flynn, “This August”
  • Jean Nordhaus, “The Boy Underground,” “Protecting the Children from Hurricanes,” “Counting”
  • Elisabeth Murawski, “Etching”
  • Mark Craver, “Franz Kafka T-Shirt,” “The Undrunk Glass of Absinthe”
  • Laura Oaksmith, “The Hard Scream,” “Stranger Behind Doors,” “Ash-Tails & Fingers”
  • Ross Taylor, “White Lies,” “The Road”
  • Julie Baca, “Shoes”
  • Ann Best, “To My Father,” “To My Brother”
  • Lois Cucullo, “Ox eye,” “Aperture”
  • Peter Desy, “The Drowning”
  • Matthew Brennan, “The Three-Bagger,” “In the Luxemburg Gardens at Twilight”
  • Peter Klappert, “Two Hours Formulating a Question for the I-Ching
  • Marcy J. Pitt, “I want to see indigo,” “The Jealous Man”
  • Brooks Haxton, “The Legendary Winterville Whiskey Raid,” “Clean Profit,” “The Real Story”
  • Gary Moody, “Hazards of Light”
  • Sharon D. Ewing, “On the jetty”
  • Belle Waring, “Calvados”
  • Judith Neeld, “Hunters and Lovers”
  • Karenne Wood, “Wants,” “The Room”
  • Anne Wiegard, “August”



  • Christopher Woods, Salvation (a one-act play)

Art & Photography

  • Kelly Lee
  • Michael A. Savell
  • Audrey Fletcher
  • Reginald Foy
  • Judy Bray Cook

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