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Issue 5.2, Spring 1976

05Table of Contents


  • Sheppard B. Kominars, “On the Subway III (The Bum)”
  • James Bradford Fowler, Jr., “In the Light of Dawn,” “To This Page, To You,” “Lilacs,” “The Boy on the Porch Steps”
  • Joyce Renwick, “I See You Flying”
  • Albert W. Haley, Jr., “Riddle #27: Mead”
  • Richard Currey, “The Northern Sky,” “Untitled”
  • Joan Colby, “Marriage”
  • A.Z. Romano, “Untitled”
  • Margaret Gibson, “My Father is a Gardener,” “Sleep”
  • John Burnett Payne, “It Is Wholly Up to Us”
  • William Meissner (first prize winner for poetry), “Voices Streaming Under My Skin: 17 Walking Again and 19 My Last Translation,” “Messages from a Found Bottle: 3 and 11,” “Drifting Like A Circle”
  • Doris Radin, “‘To Think of His Left Eye is Perdition,'” “Speak to the Earth,” “The Unrest,” “I Contemplate a Willow Uprooted by a Storm”
  • Kenneth Fones, “Morgue”
  • Jon Woodson, “America”
  • Barbara Lefcowitz, “The Voice,” “Zaddik,” “Seasons,””Threshold”
  • William Virgil Davis, “The Snow Boy”
  • Frederick Steinway, “Tea”
  • Thomas Johnson (honorable mention for poetry), “Laboratory,” “Carrot Row”
  • Richard McCann, “‘Let’s Make Love'”
  • Bernard Welt (honorable mention for poetry), “What is Air?,” “1500 Detectives in Chicago and They Have To Assign This Case To You,” “Climbing the Mountain,” “Letter from John,” “Confessional”
  • Lee Mellick, “Santiago,” “Op Cit,” “Exposition Number 11”
  • Beth Joselow (honorable mention for poetry), “Anastasia,” “May Day,” “Dee Dee”
  • Patrick Murphy, “Dandelion”
  • Denise Lacks, “Untitled”



  • Diane Bowers, “Ethiopia- The First Living Newspaper” (first place prize for prose)
  • G.J. Cavanaugh, “Who Can Blame Blifil?”


  • Robin Shadle (honorable mention for art)
  • Courtesy Ann T. Oakes
  • Samuel J. O’Neal, Jr.
  • Bruce Meador (honorable mention for art)
  • Kerry Miller
  • Ann Poe
  • Pete Lyon
  • Robert Hickey
  • Myrna Garza
  • Pete Burkert
  • David Ide

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