RJ Ingram


Marilyn Monroe Impersonator

By Eva Rinaldi Celebrity and Live Music Photographer (Flickr) via Wikimedia Commons

Eleven Marilyn Monroes schlep food
From plastic trays into plastic buckets
Every one of them is in high school
They are going to get into college
Good colleges in other states like
New York or Southern California
On her break one of them asks for a lite
I have never had a cigarette Marilyn
I have never seen the inside of bodies
Or sailed around the world in a yacht
But you are going to become a lawyer
Or might save a child from sickness
We are all going to make mistakes
We are all going to get into heaven


RJ Ingram lives in Oakland where he is finishing an MFA in creative writing with concentrations in poetry and creative nonfiction from Saint Mary’s College of California. RJ works as a poetry and social media editor for Omnidawn Publishing. Recent work can be found at Alice Blue, Sugar Mule, and Pinwheel. His cat Brenda lives in North Carolina and lost a leg according to the Congressional Record.


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