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Interviews with great literary figures from our contributors.

Inside Voices: A Conversation with the Founding Editors of No Contact

Lena Crown On my dining room window, there’s a paint smudge at the center of the third pane of glass. Before quarantining for eight months, before gazing out that window each day at the same thin...

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Behind Rapture: An Interview with Mary Jo Amani

Millie Tullis Mary Jo Amani’s ecstatic poem “Rapture” remained with me long after my initial reading. I was so grateful to be able to share this powerful poem with our readers in issue 49.2....

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The World Behind the World: An Interview with Novelist Justin Cronin

By Melissa Wade Justin Cronin, writer of The Passage, no longer writes short fiction. He said the form is incompatible with his temperament. His successful trilogy, by way of proof, clocks in at over...

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Reading Cold Pastoral in Dystopian Times: An Interview with Poet Rebecca Dunham

In an era plagued by a global pandemic and a slew of environmental crises, Rebecca Dunham’s poetry collection Cold Pastoral (2017) poignantly captures the need to reflect on our responsibility to...

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Interview with Ramona Ausubel

Ramona Ausubel grew up in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She is the author of the novel No One is Here Except All of Us, published by Riverhead Books in 2012, and a collection of short stories A Guide to...

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