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49.2 (Available through Issuu) Cover Art by RACHEL LINN FICTION Dormant by STACIE DENETSOSIE It’s a Phase by KEVIN STERNE, Contest Winner The Shape of Grief by ALYSSA QUINN Virginia Is Not Your Home by JOCELYN JOHNSON The Duck Walk by ERICA PLOUFFE LAZURE ART GALLERY I Goodbye Blue Monday, No.4 by KYLE CROMER Eternal Sunshine…


phoebe 48.2 Available through Issuu Cover Art by JEAN WOLFF FICTION The Idler by TYLER BARTON Americans by CHRISTIAN WINN NONFICTION The Haunting of Ill House by LESLEY JENIKE Pretty Hate by EMMA JOHNSON Porches by S.G. VEIL ART Blue Fold White/BlueLines by JEAN WOLFF Plaid Painting 5 by JEAN WOLFF Play, in Progress by…

47.2 – Spring 2018

47.2 – Spring 2018 (Available through Issuu) Cover Art by Matt Gold Fiction The Rubber Tapper’s Knife by Richard Hermes, Fiction Contest Winner Been Fighting Since by K Chess, Fiction Contest Runner-Up Gypsum by Isabelle Gilbert, Fiction Contest Reader’s Choice This Life May Be Monitored for Quality and Training Purposes by Daniel Paul Storm by…

Issue 44.2, Spring 2015

Table of Contents Greg Grummer Poetry Award Judged by Brian Teare Winner Konstantin Kulakov, “Keats by Glenmont Metro” Runner Up Gillian Cummings, “Moon Girls of the Medicine Birds” Finalists Bill Moran, “Paw” Anna Krem, “our old house” Nancy Hewitt, “Completing the Arc” RJ Ingram, “Sonnet” and “Sonnet” Harry Newman, “Returning” Annual Fiction Contest Judged by Ramona Ausubel…

Issue 46.2, Spring 2017

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Table of Contents 2017 Spring Contest Results Fiction Award Judged by Patricia Park Winner: Ashley Morrow Hermsmeier, “Feeding Strays” Runner-Up: Victoria Saltz, “My Shopping List” Readers’ Choice: Jeffrey Ricker, “Multiverse” Nonfiction Award Judged by Elena Passarello Winner: Liz Asch, “Trompe L’Oeil” Runner-Up: Melissa Wiley, “Swallowing Needles” Finalists: Brenda Miller and Julie Marie Wade, “In Flight”…
Artwork by Alex Walsh

Issue 45.2, Spring 2016

Featuring our 2016 spring contest winners: Annie Sheppard, Rochelle Hurt, Jacqueline Doyle; and our poetry finalists: Shonte Daniels, Alexandra Barylski, Kat Keller, Chelsea Dingman, Naima Woods, Jake Syersak, and Anne Barngrover

Issue 43.2, Spring 2014

Featuring work from dawn losinger, Michael Mlekoday, Steph Kilen, El-Shabbaz, Sayantani Dasgupta, Brandon Amico, Gabriella Tallmadge, Julie Marie Wade, Leslie Marie Aguilar, Michael Lee, Jake Syersak, Jade Benoit, Michelle Lin, Natalia Holtzman, Noelle Catharine Allen, Ray Shea, Anna B. Sutton, Jaime Bennati (cover art), and AP Quatch

Photograph by Julio César Cerletti García (Castañas en el fuego (PS)) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

2015 Pushcart Nominations

Photograph by Julio César Cerletti García Fiction Nominees Christian Winn, “The Landline” “The Landline” is a short story about a mother and son told through a series of quick moments from the narrator’s life. The reader is thrust into the narrative of a long-lost son, but given the space to consider each moment through a…
Issue 44.2

44.2, Spring 2015: Table of Contents

2015 Contest Winners Greg Grummer Poetry Award Winner Konstantin Kulakov, “Keats by Glenmont Metro” Judge Brian Teare’s Comments i admire this poem for the ways it inhabits space. the poet’s meditative mind attaches a feeling or idea to three specific sites: the potential for harm haunts the public space of the street and its transit; desire draws…

Phoebe 42.2, Spring 2013

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      2013 Contest Winners   Greg Grummer Poetry Award  Judged by Dean Young Winner: Annie Christain, Villagers Chop Them in Half, Thinking They Are Snakes Runner-up: Maggie Millner, Squalls Winter Fiction Contest Judged by Ryan Call Winner: Ryan Habermeyer, The Foot Annual Creative Nonfiction Prize Judged by Marion Winik Winner: Deborah Thompson, The Last Séance   Poetry Sarah Cook: Slip, Cure…