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Issue 34.1, Spring 2005

Cover art by Michael Merck

Table of Contents

Special Features

A Tribute to Mark Craver (Compiled by Heather Pollock)

  • Peter Klappert, “The Man Made out of Words Who Took the Place of a Mountain”
  • Mark Craver, “The Philosopher at the Movies,” “Dropping Pianos,” “To a Friend Whose Work Has Come to Something,” “Mercy,” “The Consolations of Philosophy,” “For Your Love,” “Wedding Poem”
  • Forest Gander, “Craver”
  • Al DeFazio, “On Mark Craver”
  • Chris Thaiss, “Stories About Professor Craver”
  • Roger Lathbury, “Remembering Mark Craver”
  • Ed Van Buren, “A Friend’s Backyard”
  • Mike Perrow, “Remembering the ‘You’ in Craver”


  • Michelle Mounts, “Woodworking”
  • Tara Laskowski, “Death Wishes”
  • Robert Drummond, “Motility”
  • Jessica Anthony, “The Virgin Oyster”
  • Chris Fink, “Three P’s”


  • Jack Barrack, “Used Books”
  • Susan Rolston, “Sisters, Oregon”
  • Emily M. Green, “The Glass Key”
  • Jeff McRae, “First Rachel”
  • Alison Stine, “Impetus,” “White Asparagus”
  • Emily Renaud, “The Room Is”
  • Kristin Abraham, “Two Frames of Two,” “The Pictures You Took”
  • Simon Perchick, “*”
  • Jerzy Kronhold (translated by Wayne Miller and Katarzyna Komorowska), “How Nice It Is”
  • Sara Jane Stoner, “Oh, Ohio Mine”
  • Lauren Ireland, “Adytum”
  • Rebecca Black, “Near Palo Alto”
  • Kyle Thompson, “Incorruptibles Novena”
  • Benjamin Paloff, “The Royal We, or Elegy in Brief”
  • Matthew Fluharty, “Notes from the Interior,” “The States”
  • Will Nixon, “Kitchen Still Life with Sanka on the Lazy Susan”
  • Haleh Hatami, “Coulda Been Woulda Been Grand”
  • Lesley Wheeler, “Space Monkeys”
  • Adam Giannelli, “Convalescence”
  • Rynn Williams, “Trench”
  • Guy R. Beining, “False Movements”
  • Karen Neuberg, “Bridges”


  • Guy R. Beining, Untitled 1, 2, 3
  • Michael Merck, Cover Art and Untitled 1, 2
  • Trent Moyer, Untitled 1, 2, 3

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