Lydia Golitz

CORREGGIO was born in CORREGGIO and died in CORREGGIO. To his friends, he was known as  CORREGGIO. He was a child who played with balls. He was a child who sat at dinner and thought  of God. CORREGGIO, his father told him, eat your dinner. CORREGGIO looked at the spoon, CORREGGIO looked at the flame, CORREGGIO saw a shadow and CORREGGIO hung upside down  and painted the ceiling of a private chamber with bluettes and lunettes, lightning and ash, babies  and brass and glass. CORREGGIO said from above, yes that is what that all looked like. CORREGGIO said from above and also upside down, yes that is what that all looked like. CORREGGIO painted a  God. CORREGGIO had a son. CORREGGIO’S son became the most unexceptional painter.  CORREGGIO, you will never be as famous as CARAVAGGIO, who murdered someone. CORREGGIO,  who have you ever killed?

Lydia Golitz

was born and raised in Chicago and now lives in Los Angeles. In 2019, she was named a Bennington Undergraduate Writing Fellow in Poetry. Her work is published or forthcoming in Washington Square Review and Bat City Review.

Art: “The Map of A Myth VI” by Kwong Kwok Wai, Oil and acrylic on canvas

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