2023 Spring Fiction Contest Winner

Parrot by Maeve Barry

2023 Spring Nonfiction Contest Winner

All the Dust Falling by Abigail Ham

2023 Greg Grummer Poetry Contest Winner

Pastoral Fragment by Rachel Rothenberg

Read commentary from our judges and editors about their selections here.


Solve by Jeremy Griffin
2023 Spring Fiction Contest Runner Up 

All Bleeding Eventually Stops by Leslie Doyle

Sometimes the Going by Leigh Claire Schmidli

No Wolves in the Woods by Jared Povanda

Home is a Holiday by Mohamed Morshed


The Plague of Flies by Julie Marie Wade
2023 Spring Nonfiction Contest Runner Up

There is the Day Filled with Too Much by Allison Field Bell

A River’s Continuum by Celia Cummiskey

Not Quite Stranded by Brookes Moody

On a Desert Planet by Robin Babb


clove hitch by p. hodges adams
2023 Greg Grummer Poetry Contest Runner Up

The Rowan Berries of Winter by Phillip Crymble

I am Creating a New Drug by J.C. Rodriguez

Thirst Trap for L’Inconnue De La Seine by RJ Equality Ingram

Lullaby for an Adult by Peter Vertacnik

Inheritance by Rebecca Faulkner

French Sardines by Rosa Lane

How I love this world by Gretchen Filart

when I think of quentin tarantino i think of revenge by Elizabeth J. Wenger

The Cicada by Anna Laura Reeve

Pearl River by Stacey Balkun

When Your Ex-Fiancé Calls by Bellee Jones-Pierce


Cover Art
“Liminal” by Peyton Fultz

“The Golden Net” and “The Mallows (Nostalgia)” by Nataliia Burmaka

“The View is not the route,” “Elegies are not symphonies,” and “Verbena” by Amanda Hartzell

“Harvest Moon,” “Hot Pink,” and “Fpainting” by Elizabeth Schoonmaker

“Abfillage:,” “Stern,” “Can you feel our pain,” “Envisage,” “Critical,” and “Autopilot” by Aluu Prosper

“There is a beauty that remains” and “Every woman deserves” by Kenneth Ricci

“43” and “101” by M P Pratheesh

“Biltmore Ballgown Triple 10” and “Coral Reef Crysanthemum 2” by Jim Ross

“I am from Neptune” and “Agnes from Enceladus” by Lena Snow

“Swan Pieta,” “Bird Singing,” and “Electric” by Virgil Suárez

“The Hills” and “Birds of Paradise” by Angelica Esquivel

“The Journey,” “Confluence,” and “Cosmic Lion” by Cat DM

“The old world” by Anton Amit

“Monochromata 1 and 2” by Max Cavitch

“Small Green Totem” by Jean Wolff

“You Have Become My Government #3” by Mato Enki (2MASS ROKKE)

“Tea Party in the Mountains” by Van Lanigh

“Lock In” by Leslie Brown

“Leaves” by Kes Crow


Editor-in-Chief – Kayla Hare
Managing Editor – Sophia Ross
Fiction Editor – Bareerah Ghani
Assistant Fiction Editor – Katy Mullins
Nonfiction Editor – Emilie Knudsen
Assistant Nonfiction Editor – Ashlen Renner
Poetry Editor – Susan Muth
Assistant Poetry Editor – Tori Reynolds
Webmaster and Blog Editor – Allie Stanich
Layout and Design Editor – Stephanie Runyon
Incarcerated Writers Project Director – Chelsea Lebron
Faculty Advisor – Jason Hartsel


Art Editorial Team

Bareerah Ghani, Tori Reynolds, Emilie Knudsen, Sophia Ross, Susan Muth, Ashlen Renner


Rachel Allison, Delaney Burk, Samantha Coyne, Bodie Fox, Joseph Giglio, Ashlee Green, Drew Hunter, Emilie Knudsen, Claire Lewis, Elena Macdonald, Chris McGlone, Thomas McKenzie, Ivan Moore, Katy Mullins, Faith Palermo, Sophia Ross, Arpita Roy, Stephanie Runyon, Taylor Schaefer, Kylie Smith, Erin Snyder, Lizzie Terrell

Special Thanks

Jason Hartsel, David S. Carroll, Ben Hosing, Kathryn Mangus and the George Mason University Office of Student Media, Gregg Wilhelm and the George Mason University Creative Writing Program.

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