How I love this world

Gretchen Filart

          after Mary Oliver’s In Blackwater Woods

I love this world 
as I do my daughter at bedtime –
skinned knees from sprinting 
before she shutters her eyelids.

I tauten the blanket to her chin,
the years assembling from zero to now.
Her supple, puny hands in my wrinkled palms. 
A delicate whole thing 
embraced by one’s splintering.

I don’t pray
with words. I sit inside this reverie,
knowing her
flesh, breath, fissures
& the slivers of light passing through

will one day cease 
to exist. I only have this 
pause that saves me.  

Gretchen Filart

GRETCHEN FILART is a writer of poems and creative nonfiction. Her work appears or is forthcoming in Rappler, Philippines Free Press, Door Is A Jar, Rejection Lit, Maudlin House, Janus Literary, Defunkt Mag, and elsewhere. She resides in the Philippines with her daughter and kooky cats and dogs. Say hi on Twitter @gretchenfilart, on Instagram @ourworldinwords_, or her website,

Art: “The Journey” by Cat DM, Digital Illustration

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