2022 Spring Fiction Contest Winner

A Bed Filled with Birds by Faith Shearin

2022 Spring Nonfiction Contest Winner

Ariel by Lucien Darjeun Meadows

2022 Greg Grummer Poetry Contest Winner

New Theories About (Our Obsession With) the Moon by Katherine Huang 

Read commentary from our judges and editors about their selections here.


The Lost Girls of Lupine Cabin by Anna Sheffer
2022 Spring Fiction Contest Runner Up

A Perfect Day for Christmas by James Sullivan

We Can’t Live Without the Birds and Animals by Lauren Barbato

Your Hollywood Jesus by Callie G. Mauldin


Split the Baby by Lauren Rhoades
2022 Spring Nonfiction Contest Runner Up

Follow by Amanda Nyren

Misplaced Loyalties by Aisling Walsh

This Is Not The Essay I Meant To Write: On Writing Into Uncertainty by Meg Pillow 


Crepe Myrtles and All Those Other Blooming Trees by Hannah V. Warren
2022 Greg Grummer Poetry Contest First Runner-up

Lament by Lydia Golitz 
2022 Greg Grummer Poetry Contest Second Runner-up

Adam in Eden by Shay Swindlehurst
2022 Greg Grummer Poetry Contest Honorable Mention

CORREGGIO by Lydia Golitz

Self-Portrait as Illumination by Carolyn Oliver

Things that Pierce by Corrine Wohlford Mason

Confession by Holli Carrell

Things I Can Remember by Jeff Whitney


Cover Art
“Dragonfly Chakra” by Lori Arbel

3 Works by Ellery Beck

3 Works by Nicola Brayan

“Catharsis” by Jemah Curtis

4 Works by Nicoline Franziska

“1202” and “1208” by Matt Gold

“Clashing in Good Faith” and “I Lost Something in the Hills” by Mickey Haist Jr.

3 Works by Danielle Klebes

5 Works by Vaiva Kovieraitė-Trumpė

“The Map of A Myth V” and “The Map of A Myth VI” by Kwong Kwok Wai

3 Works by Zee Zee


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