Panther Pride

Poetry Jason Bredle

I’ve learned how to be invisible. Balance is key....

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A Final Infidelity

Nonfiction Kirk Wisland

In the end, there is just me: a twenty-nine year old Minnesota Man careening along the interstate, heading back east to Saint Paul on a humid August Friday...

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Forty Years of Phoebe

Blog Kathy Goodkin

If I begin by saying that Phoebe changed my life, will I lose all credibility? I intend no hyperbole; Phoebe exposed me to a multiplicity of writers and writing...

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Third Molars

Nonfiction Belen Lopez

They emerged in the spring: three little newborn pockets of wisdom that did not settle into place until June. In the time between they rose to the height of...

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Fall 2011 Issue 40.2

Blog It's a bittersweet time here at Phoebe. As we complete our 40th year of publication and release our new issue into the wild, we must also say goodbye to the people who ran the show all...

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Nonfiction Kat White

1. Go into bathroom 2. Lights on 3. Shut door 4. Lock door 5. Tie back hair 6. Take off glasses, if wearing 7. Take off shirt 8. Take off rings on right...

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Everyday Experiences

Featured Art Emily Stokes

The linocuts featured here draw inspiration from indulgent holiday party spreads, seasonal rituals, and visits to regional tourist meccas. Each print...

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Straight Up

Nonfiction Ed McCarthy

We’ll never sit down and talk. Chances are that the trajectory of our lives will push our paths further apart, not cause them to intersect. You will never...

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Thoughts About Memoirs


Critic Lorrie Moore recently explored the role of the memoir in today's publishing world, asking some old, potent questions...The piece produced some strong reactions among our...

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Nature Nurture

Nonfiction Rick Lamplugh

On the red brick walkway outside our front door, I look up and see that the mist, so ethereal an hour ago, is rapidly vanishing. The sun, a bright white...

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