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Issue 30.1, Spring 2001

Table of Contents


  • Stephen Ratcliffe,
    • “7.9”
    • “7.10”
    • “7.11”
  • Sean Norton, “Sonnet for Walking Home”
  • Janos Olah
    • “Crow Dance” (translated by Paul Sohar)
    • “A Way Out” (translated by Paul Sohar)
  • Eric Baus, “dear birds,”
  • Mike Kane, “The City To Me Is What Happens When You Open Your Eyes”
  • Joelle Biele, “Winter”
  • Anne Sheldon, “Adirondacks”
  • Lisa Kerr, “Graveyard”
  • Brian Teare, “Back from the Lab”
  • Kenneth J. Ocet, “Primitive”
  • Nancy Baxter,
    • “Pupa”
    • “Coelom (Of Darwin’s Earthworm)”
  • Chris Perkowski,
    • “Trans Am”
    • “Thinking of Berryman (when she looks my way)
  • Mary Keller, “You are Not-to-Desire”
  • Sarah Kennedy, “Bats”
  • Marc J. Straus, “Astral Signs”
  • Jeff Male,
    • “Ramona by Moonlight”
    • “Arctic Blue”
  • Matthew Roth, “Mortuary Fish”
  • Jeff Stein, “Currently: We Intercept This: Satellites Position”
  • Ryan G. Van Cleave, “Isostasy”
  • Linda Jenkins, “Of or Pertaining to Melancholy”
  • Melissa Huseman, “Looking for Diamonds”
  • Chad Faries, “Cowgirls in the Sand”


  • Elizabeth Ann Winslow, “Forty Days”
  • Paula Redes Sidore, “Notes From Briey: Testament to the Garden Gnome Liberation Front”
  • Michael Pabich, “Mrs. and Mr Pszenieczny”
  • David Yandell Todd, “This Man”
  • Liam Callanan, “Brief Remarks”
  • Laurie A. Blauner, “The Face of the Moon, 1969”


  • Rebecca Dunham,
    • Isolato by Larissa Szporluk
    • Erotikon by Susan Mitchell


  • Tom Wagner, “Red Torso”

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