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Issue 37.2, Fall 2008

Table of Contents


  • Caren Scott,
    • “First, remove the heart.”
    • “The Lake is Trying to Form a Frozen Skin”
    • “Second Contact, Explanation”
  • Drew Nolte,
    • “The Insertable”
    • “Scribes and Illuminations”
    • “Lieutenant McNeil, August 2nd 1942”
  • The Pines,
    • “ARBY”
    • “ARBY”
    • “ARBY”
  • Anselm Berrigan, from To Hell With Sleep
  • Laurie E. White,
    • “The Deep Geese Mind You”
    • “If There’s Anything I Deeply Mind, It’s the Geese”
  • Ryan Walker,
    • “Poems are these flat”
    • “like a television life is in danger”
  • Henry Hart, “Lunatics on the Lawn”
  • Marci Johnson, “Ars Poetica at the Speed Art Museum”
  • Nora Almeida,  “Satire on La Playa a Las Muertas”- Greg Grummer Award
  • Dan Ford,
    • “Notes Toward an Aesthetic Philosophy”
    • “Detritus”
  • Trina Burke,
    • “Urban Sublime”
    • “Cinnamon Patilles Hot on the Tip of the Tongue”
  • Eryn Green, “The Missing Will Be Found”
  • Ben Doller,
    • “What Do You Do”
    • “Column.”
  • Kimberly Lojek,
    • “Vertical”
    • “[Russian Blue Glove and Cigarette Burning]”
  • Mel Nichols,
    • “Day Poem”
    • “Day Poem”
    • “Day Poem”


  • Kevin Wilson, “The Thumb”
  • Caitlin Horrocks, “Somewhere in America a Man Named Jason Brockman Weighs 470 Pounds and I Am Going to Save Him”
  • Dan Pinkerton, “You’re Unique, Just Like Everyone Else”
  • John Yunker, “The Tourist Trail” – Contest Winner
  • K.A. Hays, “Deerhaven”
  • Girija Tropp,
    • “Conduit”
    • “Jack”
    • “Fish Tank”
  • Chris Gavaler, “Tax Information for Parents of Kidnapped Children”
  • Avital Gad-Cykman, “Reunion”
  • Mike Young, “All of the Tumbling”
  • Josh Maday, “Fiction with Teratoma Preserves”


  • Marisa Purcell, “Ascendants” (front cover)
  • John Kieltyka, “Meeting Doodles”

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