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It’s a bittersweet time here at Phoebe. As we complete our 40th year of publication and release our new issue into the wild, we must also say goodbye to the people who ran the show all year. Best of luck to the outgoing editors: Collin Grabarek (Fiction), Colin Phillips (Poetry), and Kathy Goodkin (Chief). We’ll miss you all!

That said, issue 40.2 is one hell of a send-off. We’re proud of our editors, and proud to present the fruits of their labor to you. Enjoy.

Featuring our annual contest winners:

Winter Fiction Contest

Judged by Caitlin Horrocks

Winner: Aja Gabel, “Little Fish”
Honorable Mention: Dwight Holing, “Spines”

Greg Grummer Poetry Award

Judged by Dan Beachy-Quick

Winner: Mark Wagenaar, “Moth Hour Reliquaries”
Honorable Mention: Grace Curtis, “Wordsplay”

Inaugural Nonfiction Contest

Judged by Shauna Cross

Winner: R.B. Moreno, “I’d Like to Talk About the Bigger Stuff”
Honorable Mention: Jessica McCaughey, “On the Music of Distraction”

Additional Content:

Poetry by Jason Bredle, Matthew Gagnon, Matt Hart, Luke Johnson, Iris A. Law, David Dodd Lee, Jill Magi, Kurt Olsson, and Abraham Smith.

Fiction from Leon Baham and Andy Mozina.

Photographs by Erik Pennebaker.

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