2024 Spring Fiction Contest Winner

Idaho Wolves by Kath Richards

2024 Spring Nonfiction Contest Winner

The Lyric Ear by Megan J. Arlett

2024 Spring Poetry Contest Winner

self-portrait with three hands by p. hodges adams

Read commentary from our judges and editors about their selections here.


Wolfpacking by Nolan Capps
2024 Spring Fiction Contest Runner Up

Better Late Than Never by Amita Basu

Field Notes on Being by Rebecca Bernard

Fourteen to Twenty-Nine by Dawn Miller


Half-lives of empathy by Somi Jun
2024 Spring Nonfiction Contest Runner Up

Teacher Bird: or Meditations on Phoebe by Alison Granucci

Hanged/drawn/quartered, or, imagining my great-grandmothers’ hands on a Sunday morning, in four parts by jade guthrie

In Martinsville (2021) by Chanlee Luu

Old Friends by Rebecca Weil 

Robert de Niro by Phoebe Phelps


I’m glad my grandma died before she could see me get fat by Bleah Patterson
2024 Spring Poetry Contest Runner Up

Sometimes he calls out for Baby. Sometimes Baby runs by Sara Burge

Discount Tobacco, Cold Beer Cave by Samuel Ellington

Blood Relative by Cassie Flint Fancher

Here it is by Jane Feinsod

puzzle by Hailey June Gross

Young Woman by Melissa McEver Huckabay

The Origin of a Simple Rhythm by Prosper C. Ìféányí

As Demeter by Stefanie Kirby

tidying idea by caroline ganci patterson


“Cahoots” by Katy Stewart
Cover Art

“Nurture” & “Volcanic Pipeline” by Katy Stewart

“Temptation,” “Wealth in Excess,” & “Prism” by Peyton Fultz

“Solar Sail” by Marsha Solomon

“October Brook Abstract 3.5” by Kelly DuMar

“Wait It Out” & “And so we see…” by K. G. Ricci

Colorkoshiepta2024″ & “ColorDekapende” by Cynthia Yatchman

“Ceremony” & “Story Time” by Shagufta Mulla

“Abstract Waterfall” by Kelly Haneklau

“Beatrice Dominguez” by MariaTeresa Ortiz-Naretto

Education for All by Guilherme Bergamini

Harborside Sunrise” & “Xmas Eve, 1990 by Albert John Belmont

Lonesome by Anne Anthony

Nest with Egg” by Rachel Singel

Pacific Waterleaf” by Talitha May


Editor-in-Chief – Sophia Ross

Managing Editor – Taylor Schaefer
Poetry Editor – Susan Muth
Assistant Poetry Editor – Victoria Reynolds
Fiction Editor – K. R. Mullins
Assistant Fiction Editor – Connor Harding
Nonfiction Editor – Ashlen Renner
Assistant Nonfiction Editor – Faith Palermo
Website Editor – Elena Macdonald
Social Media Editor – Nicholas Ritter
Layout and Design Editor – Bri Chapman
Incarcerated Writers Project Editor – Chelsea Lebron

Faculty Advisor  – Jason Hartsel

Art Editorial Team

Bri Chapman, Elena Macdonald, Susan Muth, Victoria Reynolds, Sophia Ross, Taylor Schaefer


Abigail Mills, Angelina Morin, Arpita Roy, Austin LaVigne, Bareerah Ghani, Bodie Fox, Bri Chapman, Camille Rimbawa, Elizabeth Terrell, Elena Macdonald, Gracie Donovan, Ivan Antonio Moore, Jacob Sharp, Jaime Goh, Chris McGlone, Jessika Bouvier, Joseph Giglio, Katherine Harnisch, Katey Funderburgh, Madeline Merritt, Mark Perkins, Maya Gudapati, Radhika Wheelock, Sarah Jordan, Scott Hovdey, Serena Grant, Shabnam Bozzelli, Sophia Ross, Taylor Franson-Thiel, Taylor Schaefer, Thomas Mckenzie

Special Thanks

Jason Hartsel, David S. Carroll, Kathryn Mangus and the George Mason University Office of Student Media, Gregg Wilhelm and the George Mason University Creative Writing Program

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