Thea Brown Judges 2020 Greg Grummer Poetry Contest

Thea Brown Poetry JudgeJudge: Thea Brown

Deadline: March 15, 2020, at 11:59 pm

Prize: $500 and publication in phoebe 49.2 (online issue)

Entry Fee: $6

Submission Size: 3 to 5 poems per submission, totaling no more than 10 pages

Originally from the Hudson Valley in New York, Thea Brown is the author of the full-length collections Famous Times (Slope Editions, 2019) and Think of the Danger (H_NGM_N, 2016), as well as the chapbook We Are Fantastic (Petri Press, 2013). She lives in Baltimore, where she was the 2016–2017 Tickner Fellow at the Gilman School, a 2016 Rubys Artist Project Grant awardee, and the recipient of a 2017 UCross Foundation fellowship.

2 Replies to “Thea Brown Judges 2020 Greg Grummer Poetry Contest”

  1. Vladimir says:

    I am sorry, how can I participate in contest? Should I use Submittable? And where is the registration form?

  2. Vladimir says:

    OK, submission form found at Question is closed.