Lockdown Artworks

by featured artist Ishika Guha 

Every First Time
Medium: Mixed media, oil and acrylic
Burn it Slow
Medium: Mixed media, oil and acrylic

These works were created during the lockdown periods in 2020. I used mixed media, oil and acrylic. They represent my hopes and dreams, and also my inner frustrations, personal sufferings as directly caused by Covid-19. I tried to color the inspirations that came directly from my real-life experiences – anything that jumped out from both the big and small struggles during the London lockdowns. The ideas behind the works were quite complex, so I preferred using unlikely color combinations to make them look dramatic.

Jungle Walk
Medium: Mixed media, oil and acrylic

Ishika Guha is a self-taught abstract artist with a strong focus on abstract expressionism. She lives in London. Ishika is diverse in her choice of mediums; she uses oil, acrylic, watercolors and inks in her paintings. Most of her artwork is inspired by poetry and her real-life experiences, including all those struggles and hopes that give her the boost to splash some colors down.

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