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On a Desert Planet

Robin Babb “Utopia is uninhabitable. As soon as we reach it, it ceases to be utopia. As evidence of this sad but ineluctable fact, may I point out that we in this room, here and now, are inhabiting...

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2023 Spring Fiction Contest Winner Parrot by Maeve Barry 2023 Spring Nonfiction Contest Winner All the Dust Falling by Abigail Ham 2023 Greg Grummer Poetry Contest Winner Pastoral Fragment by Rachel...

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Movement: An Exploration of Export in Dante and Wendell Berry

By Chris Stanzione When our poetry editor Millie asked me what I look for in great literature, I said that, like all great art, I look for “export,” for pieces of art that, after our interaction...

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Mary Jo Amani Pay careful attention lest with all the fluctuations of thoughts the greening power which you have from God dries up in you. ­—Hildegard von Bingen writing to an Abbot 1 I bought an...

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Blunt Not the Heart

Fiction Jim Wyatt

But there was one thought that he couldn’t shake from his mind. He pictured Peg with bloodied, four-fingered hands trying helplessly to pick up her own thumbs....

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