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Phoebe 42.2, Spring 2013

2013 Contest Winners

Greg Grummer Poetry Award 

Judged by Dean Young

Winner: Annie Christain, Villagers Chop Them in Half, Thinking They Are Snakes

Runner-up: Maggie Millner, Squalls

Winter Fiction Contest

Judged by Ryan Call

Winner: Ryan Habermeyer, The Foot

Annual Creative Nonfiction Prize

Judged by Marion Winik

Winner: Deborah Thompson, The Last Séance


Sarah Cook: SlipCure

Karen An-hwei Lee: The Rogue TranslationLa Vie en Rose as Film Noir

Marianne Kunkel: Coretta Scott King as a Young Girl

Anis Shivani: Soraya

Joe Pan: Benth*OS, Arg*OSOmphal*OS

Matthew Gilbert:  Swans Reflecting Elephants, Kilter

S.Marie Clay: A Forked Branch Will Dip When it Passes Over Water, Year of the Possum

Karyna McGlynn:  Shooting Script

G.C. Waldrep: Shikellamy Hill, Linden Hall, Cilgwyn St Marys

Johannes Görannson:  from Sugar Book

Stephen Brown: Plaza San Juan, Calle Regina, Metro Tepito

Cathy Park Hong: Saint Morissey



Emily Rinkema: Great Blue

George Morgan Scott: Happy Thanksgiving

Dana Diehl: Glaciology



Rachel Luria: A State of Feeling

Jacqueline Kolosov: Preconceptions, or Frontiers

 Visual Artist

Pilar MehlisChrysaor’s Spoils, Xanthan Investigation 2, La Ronda, Horns of Plenty, Alter Ares

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