Poetry Contest Winner!

Thank you to everyone who supported Phoebe by entering our 2008 Greg Grummer Poetry Contest.

I’m very happy to announce that our judge, Peter Gizzi, has selected “Satire on La Playa a Las Muertas”, by Nora Almeida, as the winner of the $1,000 prize + publication. Nora’s poem will be published in our Fall 2008 issue.

In addition, the following poems were selected as finalists, and will be considered for possible publication. We received quite a few strong submissions and were able to send a very diverse group of poems on to the judge:

Mary Austin Speaker – “The Leftovers”

Arpine Konyalian Grenier – “The Heart of the City”

Stephanie Anderson – “This Cleaving and This Burning” & “An Arrangement of Vertebrae”

Angela Szczepaniak – “Pancreas Puddings”

Jonathan Rice – “Inheritance”

Shira Dentz – “and now for contemplation”

Kimberly Lojek – “Vertical [With Russian Blue Gloves and Cigarette Burning]”, “[Women Bathing]”, & “[Conditional Winter]”

Fiction winners + finalists should be posted soon…

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