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Phoebe 43.2, Spring 2014

2014 Contest Winners

Artwork by Jaime Bennati

Artwork by Jaime Bennati

2014 Greg Grummer Poetry Award 

Judged by Eduardo C. Corral

Winner: dawn lonsinger, Swap

Runner-Up: Michael Mlekoday, from I Think I’m Almost Ready to See the Ocean 

2014 Annual Fiction Contest

Judged by Benjamin Percy

Winner:  Steph Kilen, Pie Girl

2014 Annual Creative Nonfiction Contest

Judged by Cheryl Strayed

Winner: Bahiyyih El-Shabbaz, The Parts

Runner-Up: Sayantani Dasgupta, Oscillation



Brandon Amico, Oak Mask

Gabriella Tallmadge, How Woman Inherits the EarthI Hear News You’re in Helmand Province

Julie Marie Wade, Open Water

Leslie Marie Aguilar, Prayer for Object of Obsession

Michael Lee, The Law of Halves as Applied to the BladeThe Survival of What Remains

Jake Syersak, A Leaving OfOr What’s a Fore For?

Jade Benoit, Daddy T & The Whole Nine Yards

Michelle Lin, Disorder



Natalia Holtzman, Three Buses

Noelle Catharine Allen, The Dancer and the Demigods



Ray Shea, Forensic Biography and the Art of the Screenwriter

Anna B. Sutton, Aspiration


Visual Art

Jaime Bennati, from SITPass, Try It Yourself: A How To Guide

AP Quach, And a Thousand More

You’ll find biographies for all contributors to Phoebe 43.2 here. 



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