Our 2007 Contest Winners

I’m sorry we’ve taken so long to post this information, but we’ve finally gotten our act together. We wanted to make sure we could announce both contests at the same time, and since we’re in the middle of finishing this issue, it’s been crazy around the office.

Greg Grummer Poetry Award Winner:
Angus Bennett – “On Whether the river Will Break”

Poetry Finalists:
Joshua Kryah for “My Easter”; “Come Hither”
Eliza Rotterman for “Two Girls”
Kimberly Lojek for ‘[Draft of Interior System of Structure]”; “[Harnessed Dove and Window Broken]”
Reba Elliott for “Child Not Made”; “Los Mineros para Los Minerales”
Arpine Knoyalian Grenier for “The Cables Set, The Light”
Melody S. Gee “Migration”
John Pursley III for “[You Can Look Through These Windows—Look, & Not See Anything…]”


Winter Fiction Contest Winner:
John Blair for “The Road to Little Happiness”

Fiction Finalists:
David Norman for “The Great Basin”
M. D. Baumgartner for “Like Gods of the Sun”
Matthew Goldberg for “With a Mighty Hand and Outstretched Arm”
Pierre Hauser for “Girlyman”
Amy Ralston Seife “What We Do”
Alison Hicks for “Texture”
Kristie Smeltzer for “Bridges”
Richard Jespers for “Engineer”

Congratulations to our winners and finalists and thank you to all who submitted your stories/poems. We’ll also mail out notification to everyone who provided an SASE. And of course, when we publish, we’ll send you along your copy of the contest issue.

Now I must go to class, but check back later for other things.

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