| Poetry


G.C. Waldrep


cathode lift:   flock
or arrow’s

fletch:   matutinal:

in gothic sprawl:
ablation murmurs:

notched, the heart
opposes:   image:

unction:   Zeno’s

ogive:   academy
or tangent

bone:  suspended:

within prayer’s

flask:   eloigned
& carious:   dry

Caesar:   un-
hand these lithe

bodies:   bell-
voiled:   rood-

slaked:   this meta-
wave traction:

in circuit: -ville
or target augury:

no I’d not
emigrate, love’s

censes: against

hospice:   caisson:
[copula]:  flight— :


G.C. Waldrep’s most recent books are Your Father on the Train of Ghosts (BOA Editions, 2011), a lyric collaboration with John Gallaher; The Arcadia Project:  North American Postmodern Pastoral (Ahsahta, 2012), co-edited with Joshua Corey; and a chapbook, Susquehanna (Omnidawn, 2013).  He teaches at Bucknell University, edits the journal West Branch, and serves as Editor-at-Large for The Kenyon Review.

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