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Issue 09.3, Spring 1980

Featuring work by Chris Thaiss, Sandra A. Moore, Rick Wilson, Michael S. Harper, Jonis Agee, David Wilk, Daniel Mark Epstein, David Porush, Raymond Federman, Mary B. Martin, Margot Treitel, Tim Darby, George Mosby, Jr., Katharyn Machon Aal, Bradley R. Strahan, Jay Bradford Fowler, Jr., Robert Flanagan, Pat Parnell, Norman H. Russell, Steven Riddle, Carolyn Kreiter-Kurylo, Jay S. Paul, Robert D. Hoeft, Bryce D. Thompson, Marrie L. Kaye, Carl Wertman, W.E. Gorriles, Katharine Rodier, S.P. Johnson, Irene Rouse, Anne Sapieyevski, Lois V. Walker, Melody Ziff, Jerome Salzmann, Fritz Hamilton, Gabriele Glang, Rick Wilson, Virginia Downs, Patty Summers, Pat Therese Francis, Alice Kapiotis Brown, Cis Chambers (Porter), Margot Adams, Paul J. Donnelly, Jr., Carol Cratty, Jane Anne Gideon, Ed Lynskey, Amelia A. Rutledge, Susan Barnes, Art Cole, Cheryl Evans, Kathryn Konkle, Doug Mallot, Donald Phillips, Susan Shore, L.S. Wilko, Ronald R. Burns, Walter (Jack) Sciutti, III

Cover art by Susan Barnes

Table of Contents


  • Chris Thaiss, “A Day in the Life of the Northern Virginia Writing Project”
  • Sandra A. Moore and Chris Costner Sizemore, “Eve—Getting to Know Her”
  • Rick Wilson, “Touchstones, Talismans and Trackings”
  • Conference writers:
    • Michael S. Harper
    • Jonis Agee, “Today”
    • David Wilk
    • Daniel Mark Epstein
    • David Porush
    • Raymond Federman


  • Mary B. Martin, “To Vincent Van Gogh”
  • Margot Treitel, “Survival Skills”
  • Margot Treitel, “A Change of Scene”
  • Tim Darby, “Raoul”
  • George Mosby, Jr., “Mother’s Children”
  • Katharyn Machon Aal, “At Night”
  • Bradley R. Strahan, “Aging Quickly Here”
  • Jay Bradford Fowler, Jr., “The Boy and the Magic Bird”
  • Robert Flanagan, “Semi-Private Mirages”
  • Pat Parnell, “A Gound Poem for Hans Kung”
  • Norman H. Russell, “I Have Bent Two Trees”, “Red Footprints”
  • Steven Riddle, “Worm Song”, “Green”
  • Carolyn Kreiter-Kurylo, “To Walk out on Three Musicians”, “20th Century Studio Scene”
  • Jay S. Paul, “Sledding into Rush Hours”
  • Robert D. Hoeft, “When All Else Fails”
  • Bryce D. Thompson, “A Drinking Song”
  • Marrie L. Kaye, “Untitled”
  • Carl Wertmen, “The Death of My Father-in-Law”, “Farmer-Soldier”
  • W.E. Gorriles, “Renaissance”
  • Katharine Rodier, “Perspectives”, “Apples”, “Labor Day”
  • S.P. Johnson, Untitled
  • Irene Rouse, “Yes, They Do Shoot Horses”
  • Anne Sapieyevski, “Route 91—Vermont”
  • Lois V. Walker, “Update on Daphne”
  • Melody Ziff, “Fairy Tale”
  • Jerome Salzmann, “Kolvo”
  • Fritz Hamilton, “Half Yr Head”
  • Gabriele Glang, “The Princess and the Pea”, “The Nymphs Are Deported”, “To Katherine”
  • Rick Wilson, Tim Darby, and Robert Flanagan, “Aviary”
  • Virginia Downs, Gabriele Glang, and Patty Summers, “Passage”
  • Pat Therese Francis, “Dining Alone”
  • Alice Kapiotis Brown, “Moving Song”, “Questions to ask a geographer”


  • Cis Chambers (Porter), “How Many Kids Did Lady MacBeth Have?”
  • Margot Adams, “Sea Fugue”
  • Paul J. Donnelly, Jr., “Crime in America”
  • Carol Cratty, “Hard to Figure Out”

Book Reviews

  • Patty Summers, “Proceedings of the Block State Concention 1840-1865”, “The Palace of the Poor House”
  • Jane Anne Gideon, “A Study of Vermeer”
  • Ed Lynskey, “Virginia Literary Review”, “Duck Tails, Haircuts and High Water Pants”
  • Amelia A. Rutledge, “Flamboyant Drame: A Study of the Castle of Perserverance, Mankind, and Wisdom”
  • Robert Flanagan, “Off the Backroads”


  • Susan Barnes, Untitled (front cover)
  • Art Cole, Untitled
  • Cheryl Evans, Untitled
  • Kathryn Konkle, Untitled
  • Doug Mallot, Untitled
  • Donald Phillips, Untitled
  • Susan Shore, Untitled
  • L.S. Wilko, Untitled


  • Ronald R. Burns, Untitled
  • Robert Flanagan, Untitled
  • Walter (Jack) Sciutti, III, Untitled

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