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Issue 44.1, Fall 2014

issue-44.1-promo-imageIssue 44.1 Contents

Poetry Special Feature: Dis-

  • Catherine Pierce, “The Aftermath”, “Holy Shit”, “Three Months After the Tornado”
  • Stacey Kidd, “Bark”
  • Richard Greenfield, “Reservoir”, “Misuse”, “Loot Reflex”
  • Dorothea Lasky, “The fatal party,” “Self”, “I am not me”
  • Matt Bell, “Tiny Wife”, “Metamorphosis”,
  • Martha Collins, “Coloring In”, “Must Have Seen”
  • Adam Clay, “The Hardness and Brightness”, “Disruption Without Shrapnel”, “Glare”


  • Thaddeus Rutkowski, “On the Way Out”
  • Amy Minton, “Equilibrium”
  • J. M. Jones, “The Men’s Room”


  • Scott Larson, “Interfector’s Folly”
  • T. K. Dalton, “Shadow Cargo”
  • Zhanna Slor, “I Told You I Was Sick”
  • Johnathan Moore, “Serotiny”

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