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Issue 39.2, Fall 2010

Table of Contents

Contest Winners

  • Phoebe Winter Fiction Contest Winner: Andrew Bynom, “The Burial Party”
  • Greg Grummer Poetry Award Winner: Aran Donovan, “Your Name: an Aerie”
  • Honorable Mention for Greg Grummer Poetry Award: Jendi Reiter, “Project Runway: Divorce Challenge”


  • Y Madrone,
    • “larch, o man I made”
    • “once a decembered maytown [but the fallen quince leaves dear]”
    • “life span in the wild exactly average. not year-round”
    • “fly three to four weeks after hatching. mercy.”
  • Mark Wagenaar,
    • “Early Hymn from Humpback Rock”
    • “The Quatorzieme”
  • Megan Kaminski,
    • “Cold ore and wheat”
    • “[shades of brown on brown]”
    • “An atlas of trees in far away fields”
  • Miles Waggener,
    • “[Luster]”
    • “[An aluminum ladder rung in moolight]”
  • Henry Rappaport, “Honey”
  • Janann Dawkins
  • Emily Carr,
    • “[(up the shinbone superlatives of america]”
    • “[(not only of motive but also of self]”
    • “[(a calculus in heaven adjusts]”
    • “[(as gracefully & ripe, to escape]”
  • Britta Ameel,
    • “Sketch in November”
    • “Cascading Failure”
  • Karen Leona Anderson,
    • “Receipt: The Future is the Metro”
    • “Receipt: Work Done”
    • “Recipe: Corn”
    • “Recipe: Smut”
  • J. Michael Martinez, “Toward the Burning Lamp”
  • Margaret Young.
    • “Red Maple Leaf”
    • “Couple Little Animals”
  • Casey Smith.
    • excerpt from Call Me Bye
    • “Abecedarium”


  • Rachel Khong, “Today is a Fish”
  • Roya Khatiblou, “Good Morning Beautiful”
  • Peter Mountford, “Two Sisters”
  • Samantha Erin Tetangco, “Asking for It”


  • Dolan Geiman, cover and interior art

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