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Issue 28.2, Fall 1999

Cover art by Begona LathburyTable of Contents


  • Allison Cobb, Three poems from the seriesĀ One-foot
  • Christopher Davis, “Impotence”
  • Susanna Rich, “ventriloquist”; “possession.”
  • Catie Rosemurgy, “Billy Recalls It Differently”; “Grace Lies Down to Write Her Boyfriend a Letter”; “Billy Considers Leaving the World Alone”
  • Gloria Mindock, “In Hell”
  • Gerry LaFemina, “Meditation on an Abandoned Farmhouse”
  • Amy Woolard, “Salt Fork, Vermilion River”; “Quicksilver”
  • Dore Kiesselbach, “A, V”; “Crossing”
  • Valerie Nieman, “All the Trimmings”; “Covet”
  • Ross Martin, “To California Wedding Girl”; “Letter from John Waters”
  • Matt Midgette, Untitled; “between (2 points)”
  • Andrea Carter Brown, “The Lopatcong at Swamp Road”
  • Dianne Timblin, “The Sight”
  • H. L. Hix, Untitled
  • Mary Crow, “Shipwrecks”
  • Anthony Priest, “Settling Velocity”; “Close Up”
  • Lee Newton, “Rites”; “The Mess He’s Made”
  • Diane Gage, “Mr. Bones, He Lives”
  • Marla Van Hoose, “To”
  • Ryan G. Van Cleave, “Tu Fu Sees the Night Sky as Iridescent as a Blackbird’s Throat Feathers and in Response, Writes an Epithalamion for His Good Friend, Sun Wei”
  • Jason Gray, “Ford”
  • David M. Hull, “Thanksgiving”
  • Kaia Sand, “Many”
  • Krysia Jopek, “Dorigen of Bretagne Longing for the Return of Her Lover”
  • Veronica Patterson, “Instructions”
  • Don Finkel, “One More Secret”
  • Scott Hightower, “Village Cena”
  • Shira Dentz, “The Importance of Being Earnest”


  • Nolde Alexius, “Pioneering”
  • Chauna Craig, “Big Sky Blue”
  • Annie Dawid, “The Teacher’s Apology Poem”


  • Chris Putnam, “Red Bliss” (Cover)
  • John Crassick, “Cross door”
  • Tom LeGro, “Chinatown, Washington, DC”
  • Maria Van Hoose, “this film”; “empty”; “rancor”; “portrait: (myself)”; untitled silverprint, 8×10

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