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Issue 24.2, Spring 1995

Featuring work by Connie Deanovich, Michael Palmer, Peter Gizzi, Mark Wallace, Buck Downs, Jen Coleman, Betsy Andrews, Douglas Messerlie & Joe Ross, C.E. Putnam, Chriss Stroffolino, Jeff Derksen, Paula J. Lambert-Neidigh, C. Morgan, Carol K. Howell, Heather Fuller, Tessa Rumsey, Adrian Robert Ford, Lise Goett, Nikki Herbst, Andrea C. Holland, Donald Morrill, Maureen Mulhern, Allan Peterson, Scott Ruescher, Catherine Wagner

24.2-spr-1995-cropTable of Contents

  • Connie Deanovich, from The Spotted Moon
  • Michael Palmer, “Stanza”, “Well”
  • Peter Gizzi, “Knuckle Ball”, “Several Vistas”
  • Mark Wallace, from Sonnets of a Penny-a-Liner
  • Buck Downs, “Three Poems”
  • Jen Coleman, from Injury: Potential For
  • Betsy Andrews, from Pearland
  • Douglas Messerlie & Joe Ross, “The Boughs Bent in to Hinder”
  • C.E. Putnam, “Three Poems”
  • Chriss Stroffolino, from Stealer’s Wheel
  • Jeff Derksen, “Yes”, “Excessively So”

1995 Phoebe Literary Awards

Short Fiction Contest

  • Winner: Paula J. Lambert-Neidigh, “With All Respect to Harry”
  • C. Morgan, “Parts Unknown”
  • Carol K. Howell, “Rocks”

Greg Grummer Award in Poetry

  • Winner: Heather Fuller, “Selected Poems”
  • Honorable Mention: Tessa Rumsey, “Selected Poems”
  • Adrian Robert Ford, “phone first”, “lake effect snow”
  • Lise Goett, “Medicine”
  • Nikki Herbst, “Selected Poems”
  • Andrea C. Holland, “Bull Cuts Loose”, “In a Shakespeare bikini”
  • Donald Morrill, “Supplemental Adventures (A Narrative in Parts)”
  • Maureen Mulhern, “Investigators Are Measuring”, “You Note the Heart in the Water”
  • Allan Peterson, “Selected Poems”
  • Scott Ruescher, “Sarge Beam”
  • Catherine Wagner, “Girl”

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