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Issue 21.2, Spring 1992

Featuring work from Helen Fremont, Robert Herschbach Jennie Kaufman, Jim Finley, Joseph A. Gainer, Cathy Cruise, Patrick Duncan, Madeline Polss, Greg Grummer, Charles Fox, Susan Tichy, Christopher M. Carpenter, Frances Lea, Frazier Russell, Carolyn Forché, Fernand Roqueplan, Jeff Stockwell, Fritz Hamilton, Bob Snyder, Evan Oakley, Chris Stroffolino, Sandra Yannone, Rebecca Wee, Dana Tornabene, Thomas Trzaskos, Roger Fanning, Suzanne Wise

21.2-Spr-1992-cropTable of Contents


  • Helen Fremont, “Guessing at Felix”
  • Robert Herschbach, “Pisces Rising”
  • Jennie Kaufman, “Carried Away”
  • Jim Finley, “It Ain’t Just Arno”



  • Patrick Duncan
  • Madeline Polss



  • Greg Grummer, “Call from the Minister’s Son”, “Promiscuity”, “Only After Quitting Smoking…”, “Lazarus”
  • Charles Fox, “Last night my mother call to tell…”
  • Susan Tichy, “An Hour of Equinox”
  • Christopher M. Carpenter, “So what is it with you…”
  • Frances Lea, “The Life Before”
  • Carolyn Forché, “Prosopopoeia”
  • Fernand Roqueplan, “Social Standards, Three Myths”
  • Jeff Stockwell, “Rooming with the Ambulance Attendant”
  • Fritz Hamilton, “None of These”
  • Bob Snyder, “Snake Snyder”
  • Evan Oakley, “Isabel”
  • Chris Stroffolino, “Just Asking”
  • Sandra Yannone, “The Next Thirty Years”
  • Rebecca Wee, “Baudelaire to His Mother”
  • Dana Tornabene, “Foreigners”
  • Thomas Trzaskos, “Streets”
  • Roger Fanning, “Shoelace”, “Oink as Taunt”
  • Suzanne Wise, “It’s a Party”

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