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Issue 14.3&4, Spring 1985

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Cover art by David Cantor

1984-5 Phoebe Awards

The Phoebe awards are cash prizes of $50 intended to give recognition to non-professional poets, fiction writers, artists and photographers who have contributed works of exceptional quality to at least one of the year’s issues of Phoebe. Only students at George Mason University at the time of publication are eligible for the Awards, but a student from another school or a contributor who is not employed in pursuit of his or her art may receive Honorable Mention.

All of this year’s contributors deserve congratulations, and the editors and staff wish to thank everyone who made submissions to Phoebe.

Following are this year’s winners:

Fiction Award: Mark Winegardner
Honorable Mention in Fiction: Kathryn Abdul-Baki, Susan Davis

Poetry Award: Jim Wilson
Honorable Mention in Poetry: Lois Cucullu, Ross Taylor

Art/Photography Award: Lee Criscuolo
Honorable Mention in Art/Photography: Patricia Petretti

Special recognition also to Mary Redenius and Sheila Barrows, contributors in poetry and photography, and to Belle Waring, contributor in fiction and poetry


  • Susan Davis, “Life Stories”
  • Ed Cherry, “Brothers”
  • Barbara Esstman, “Notes on Madeline and Why Sparrows Fly”
  • Melodie Baron, “Love American Style”
  • Clark Hansbarger, “In the Eastern Corrider”
  • Audrey Fleming, “The Door Left Ajar”
  • Jeff Richards, “One Kind of Natural Disaster”
  • Pam Ward, “Blood Orange”
  • William Miller, “Debit Man”
  • Christine Prickett, “Charles”
  • Polly Morrice, “Sympathy”
  • Todd Post, “Esteban in the Torture Cell”
  • Mark Winegardner, “Greetings from Mackinac Island”


  • John T. Selawsky, “The Orchard
  • Jim Wilson, “The Abscission Layer”
  • Karenne Wood, “Something is always taking us away”
  • Karenne Wood, “Poem to You” from One left Here
  • Lois Cucullu, “What dark means to the butterfly or shroud”
  • Anne Wiegard, “Attention”
  • Anne Wiegard, “We are in the toaster”
  • Elisabeth Murawski, “Heloise in the Garden”
  • Mark Craver, “Mercy”
  • Matthew Brennan, “A Woman Fishing”
  • Hilary Tham, “Mrs. Wei and the Thief”
  • Deborah S. Snyder, “Mammography”
  • Donna Baier Stein, “Tycho Brahe & the Supernova
  • Sharon D. Ewing, “Crossing the Mall after Viewing Piranesi”
  • Michael James D’arcy, “Three Fish”


  • Ashley T. Williams, “Back Mountain”
  • Patricia Petretti, “Contrasts”
  • Anne Wiegard, “Charleston”
  • Marjorie Prochaska, “Odyssey”

Art & Photography

  • Timothy Leyfer
  • Lee Criscuolo
  • Otto Gender
  • Patricia Petretti
  • Tom Kersey
  • Rob Tozier
  • David Cantor
  • Joe Riddell

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