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Issue 13.1&2, Spring/Summer 1983

Cover art by Tom Cox

Table of Contents

Dan Rudy Poetry Awards

  • Richard Bausch
  • Cathy Jervey
  • Tony Grooms
  • Chris Thaiss
  • Cary Kimble


  • Wesley Brown, “The Darktown Strutters”
  • Belle Waring, “Sleep”
  • Kim McMullen, “Disappearing into Summer”
  • Seorge Singleton, “The Electric Rub”
  • Margi Berkowitz, “Chickens”
  • Cathy Jervey, “Ours Is a Nice House”


  • Featured poet Judith Harris, “Walking Home from the Barn I See the Cows and the Moon Is Full”; “New Years, 1955”; “Daughters”; “The Mad Girl”; “Poem”; “Six Parts for a Branch Broken by Moonlight”; “Miles Away in Farmhouse I Think of You”
  • C.K. Williams, “The Color of Time”
  • Louisa J. Walsh, “Kindling”; “She Walks In”
  • T. Hunter Wilson, “First Rain”; “Pulling out the Dam”
  • Forrest Gander, “Distractions from the Real World”; “The Plot”
  • George Blanchard, “Housepainter”
  • Gary Moody, “Yuma”
  • Mary Redenius, “The Fisher and His Wife”
  • Sheila Barrows, “Burden”
  • Greg Nelson, “Spirit Tree”; “Vegetable Poem”
  • Richard Stork, “53rd and 3rd”; “Vice Versa”
  • Jany Allen, “Another Sumac”; “300 Years on the Turnpike”
  • Martha Collins, “Schadenfreude”; “Drawing Room”; “A Woman”
  • Mark Craver, “Weeping in a Blood Sister’s Lap”
  • Anne Wiegard, Two Villanelles: “Radio”; “Spinster”
  • John Harney, “3:00 P.M.”; “Eucalyptus”; “Cemetary Oaks”
  • Karenne Brown, “Southeast by South”; “Robert, I Said”
  • Peter Klappert, 52 Pick-up, Scenes from The Conspiracy: “Conceiving the Conspiracy”; “The Conspiracy Achieves Congress”; “The Conspiracy Interviewed at the Potash Works of Sodom”; “The Conspiracy Inaugurated”; “The First Hounded Daze”
  • Belle Waring, “To Come Back”; “Peachblossom Creek”
  • Kathleen C.H. Griffin, A Sestina: “Grave of an Amiable Child”
  • Liz Huntington, “Recherché”

Art & Photography

  • Tom Cox, Untitled (cover)
  • Judith Friedman, Untitled 1; Untitled 2
  • Mann Joe Yee, Untitled
  • Bill Fletcher, Untitled 1; Untitled 2
  • Paul Watters, Untitled 1; Untitled 2
  • Barry Gamow, Untitled
  • Frank R. Walsh

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