Deep Fried Poems

Nora Claire Miller

A piece of paper, fried and battered to a crispy golden brown. The legible text reads: there will be no more electrical outlets or drug stores or bar soap or teeth. there will be no more allergy medications or                 or answering machines                or gargoyles. there will       more dental plaque or question marks or stripes or email          or shapes. there will be no more         -ries or            or scrabble tiles or      
         or escalators. there will be no more apostrophes or     or applications or      -tands or turnpikes. there will be no          or     machine       ng short      water towers

Deep Friend Poem #63

A small rectangular piece of paper that has been fried to be warped and golden. The text that can be made out reads:     some metal in the ground. prop it      stilts. a future    will speak to you. a drawing that will read to you. talk to           nt. talk to the other side. hello               ed. hello, life on earth. it's a small sculpt       
        vacuum cleaner. like                     knife

Deep Fried Poem #64

Nora Claire Miller

is a poet from New York City. Nora’s chapbook, LULL (2020), was the winner of the 2019 Ghost Proposal Chapbook contest. Nora’s work has appeared or is forthcoming in Bat City Review, Bennington Review, Gigantic Sequins, TYPO, Tagvverk, Hobart, and other places. Nora earned an MFA from the Iowa Writers’ Workshop.

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