Category: Poetry

Altitude Sickness

It’s the difference between sinking and falling. The ocean floor lives on what sinks, but the fish that never naturally crest the surface could not even imagine falling, could not conceive of...

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Letters to my Daughters

Poetry Gary Jackson

...Every plum has a past.

When you puncture the skin, you don’t think

of where it’s been, but how it tastes....

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what happens when you watch jaws backwards

Poetry Sasha Fletcher

Outside the window

the freeway threw up enough cars

that they had to open a parking lot. People died

by the truckload...

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i shoot horses

Poetry Sasha Fletcher

I shoot horses. Or, I have.

I have shot horses. I have stood on a hill

and written you a long and involved letter

regarding my feelings....

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Poetry Josh Fomon

You wrinkle in this palace you will curdle

this pony as it molds to my face. My love

shrieks from postured sculpture. This space

is elegant with...

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To find a priceless home

Poetry Josh Fomon

You sift through hours

of tongues you find a ring

to echo and binding

an eye strewn on your wrist...

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Sunset Fever

Poetry Jason Bredle

I was sitting in a convertible in front of a bank 

holding a briefcase full of cash....

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Terror Bird

Poetry Jason Bredle

Of all the characters you do, “guy with a sexy

foreign accent who is also a pervert” will always

be one of my favorites. ...

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Panther Pride

Poetry Jason Bredle

I’ve learned how to be invisible. Balance is key....

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Poetry Justin Sirois

...we just talk directly at the thing– like your

body is a temple, but it’s squishy & I love

to put my face in it. The man who


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