Category: Poetry

Panther Pride

Poetry Jason Bredle

I’ve learned how to be invisible. Balance is key....

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Poetry Justin Sirois

...we just talk directly at the thing– like your

body is a temple, but it’s squishy & I love

to put my face in it. The man who


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Poetry Margaret Walther

the chartreuse breath of moths. poppy seeds brushed by shadow.

at night the heart gathers fragments—the heart never sleeps....

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The Teacher & the Tuner

Poetry Matthew St. Amand

Pianos on planes had only recently come into vogue; skeptics abounded, the naysayers were legion, but ultimately the piano lobby had won out.


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Gasoline Chainsaw Jesus

Poetry Joe Hall

Forest blinking in stuttering out, soiling itself under

The moon’s sterile spotlight, forgetting its name

Snatching as much Sudafed as we could......

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Clean Song

Poetry Joe Hall

If this is weeping, it isn’t; it’s

The shuttered mouth of a flooded subway

It’s bees iced in their hives, a crocus’ spears......

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The Worst That Could Happen

Poetry Maureen Thorson

You’re lost. The gunmen don’t speak English. You forgot you had a test and you’re naked and it’s a shop test and you crush something vital in the...

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Poetry Maureen Thorson

This place is lousy with candelabra,

the expected dust

and simulacra of violence......

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How We Respond is What It Means

Poetry Marc McKee

In this time it is impossible not to love

at least one monster. Venom laces the air,

you are in a house with

the feeling of every light in...

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Early in the Field

Poetry Grant Souders

Early in the field—

I trace horizon where field makes horizon

gnashed with earth, scavenge for pieces in rubble...

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