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A State of Feeling

Rachel Luria   Anyone who is to be happy, then, must have excellent friends. —Aristotle “What is the matter with me? I will do something dreadful if I am not careful,” she thought, and...

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Dana Diehl   Three years after the pilot’s wife died, her sister flew across the Atlantic Ocean to visit America for the first time. The sister’s name was Anna. Anna, the wild, redheaded,...

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Phoebe 42.2, Spring 2013

2013 Contest Winners Greg Grummer Poetry Award  Judged by Dean Young Winner: Annie Christain, Villagers Chop Them in Half, Thinking They Are Snakes Runner-up: Maggie Millner, Squalls Winter...

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The Foot

Ryan Habermeyer Winner, Fiction Contest   A foot had been uncovered from a sandbar the night after the solstice. Nobody was sure how long it had suffered there in anonymity as it had been found...

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The Last Séance

Deborah Thompson Winner, Nonfiction Contest   I wrote down memories, detail upon detail, with shamanistic obsessiveness, before they slipped away, before he slipped away. I wasn’t trying to...

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Happy Thanksgiving

George Morgan Scott   Unnoticed by the prattling guests, little Toby, twitching with the terrible twos, climbs up on the stuffed chair, totters, catches his balance, reaches for the security...

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Preconceptions, or Frontiers

Jacqueline Kolosov   After two years of trying, my husband Tom and I began to seriously consider reproductive technologies to conceive a second child. “Do you think I could love another child...

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Phoebe Issue 41.2 Fall 2012

Our first ever full online issue in its entirety! Highlights include our 2011 contest winners and runners-up judged by Matthea Harvey (Poetry), David Means (Fiction), and Mary Roach (Nonfiction)....

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[obscenity for the advancement of poetry 7]

Poetry kathryn l. pringle

derision settled into the stone of the place

a tree once living now dying

the practice of killing extended...

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Everyday Whimsy

Visual Art Heather Evans Smith

I want my photographs to tell stories. And I want stories that come from moments of life, like a still from an old movie. Movement and pain and the...

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