by featured artist Alexey Adonin

A Chick In Search Of A Worm
Medium: Ballpoint Pen on Paper

Drawing is my most time-tested tool of self-expression. For me, drawing is akin to meditation or lucid dreaming; it is not a desire to escape from reality but more of a mental ascent to the sublime. I am often motivated to create by the desire to plunge into this mystical state, and this is how I like it.

The Head
Medium: Green Ink & Felt-Tip Pens on Paper

To some extent, this small collection of work exemplifies multilevel work when one picture consists of a multitude of small ones. There is a similarity to advertising posters for films—a summary of a many-hour movie through visual inserts.

My work begins without a preconceived idea. I apply a few large spots with ink, which serve as starting points for further detailing. There is something magical about being spontaneous, as I only have a certain amount of control over what is out—the rest is serendipity.

Medium: Black Ecco Pigment Fineliner & Felt-Tip Pens on Paper

As an explorer of the mysterious universe of art, Jerusalem-based abstract-surrealist artist Alexey Adonin has dedicated over one and a half decades to conveying his vision of hidden otherworldly realms connected with a timeless source of inspiration. Alexey was born in Slutsk, Belarus, in 1973. He graduated in 1993 from the State Art College named after A. K. Glebov, in Minsk, Belarus. In the same year, he immigrated to Israel. Since 2002, Alexey has exhibited locally and internationally. His works have also been acquired by notable private collections worldwide.

Inside Your Prison
Black Ecco Pigment Fineliner & Felt-Tip Pens on Paper

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