by featured artist Adam Shea Lancaster 

Medium: Acrylic on canvas 

Adam Shea Lancaster is an artist from Dallas, Texas. He creates representational paintings in a style he’s called “Neo-Romanti-Classical”—a contemporary take on draped figures in traditional poses.

His themes explore Western culture’s mythical beauty, asking the important question: Is beauty as conceived by Western culture (in the Greco-Roman tradition) mythical in the sense that myth is an “untrue story” or in the sense that myth is a “storied truth”?


Medium: Acrylic on canvas 


Lancaster prides himself on creating fine art with humble craft paint from hobby shops on drop cloths from hardware stores. Although fluent in more refined media, he’s made it his mission to present painting as accessible to everyone—beginning with the art students he enjoys teaching when he’s not in his studio.


Medium: Acrylic on canvas 

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