MariaTeresa Ortiz-Naretto

Beatrice Dominguez”

Cold wax and oil on canvas

Cold wax and oil are the main techniques that MariaTeresa Ortiz-Naretto utilizes in her artworks. Either on canvas or on paper, the matter appears in a textured movement of strokes, swirls, and lumps that deliver a shallow surface. The texture and colorful palette surrender to figurative forms. The artist’s admiration for Italian Old Master Drawings and Paintings with a language that reveals an interest for the 20th Century textured surfaces describe the artist’s stylistic sources. Ortiz-Naretto, a New Jersey based artist, was born in Rancagua, Chile, and soon after raised in two countries, Argentina and Chile. Conserving the last names of her parents, Ortiz-Naretto praises her intriguing multicultural background.

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