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The Boys’ Team by Nikki Barnhart

Hidden Truths of Reupholstering by Wendy Booydegraaff

The Infinite Time Around by Ellie Cheng

Not the First, But the Only by Melissa Darcey Hall

Death Wishes by Kenneth Jakubas


Wild Collards by Linette Marie Allen

Rounding out the Morning by Steven Harvey

Country Queer by Keegan Lawler

Nothing But Space by Abigail Myers

Take Me to the River by Shilo Niziolek

The Lucky Shirt by Beneth Goldschmidt-Sauer

How I Learned to Love My Mother by Aida Zilelian


Sharp Objects by Alyssa Forehling

It’s an Empty-Headed Move I Love the Most by Adam Houle

Scree: Hiking in the Foothills by Laura Meyer

Elvis Died When I Was Seven by Michael Montlack

For Will by Cat Newton

Valence by John Nieves

On Leaving by Kathryn Bratt-Pfotenhauer

Apocalypse 2012 by Martin Shapiro

Windows by Arnisha Royston

The Sun Temple by Jane Zwart

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Poetry Editor – Susan Muth

Assistant Poetry Editor – Tori Reynolds

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Faculty Advisor – Jason Hartsel

Art Editorial Team

Kayla Hare, Bareerah Ghani, Tori Reynolds, Emilie Knudsen, Sophia Ross, Susan Muth, Ashlen Renner


Rachel Allison, Delaney Burk, Samantha Coyne, Bodie Fox, Joseph Giglio, Ashlee Green, Drew Hunter, Emilie Knudsen, Claire Lewis, Elena Macdonald, Chris McGlone, Thomas McKenzie, Ivan Moore, Katy Mullins, Faith Palermo, Sophia Ross, Arpita Roy, Stephanie Runyon, Taylor Schaefer, Kylie Smith, Erin Snyder, Allie Stanich, Lizzie Terrell

Special Thanks

Jason Hartsel, David S. Carroll, Ben Hosing, Kathryn Mangus and the George Mason University Office of Student Media, Gregg Wilhelm and the George Mason University Creative Writing Program.

 Purchase a copy of Issue 52.1 here.

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