The Mother Compact by Blair Hurley
Severance by Alma García
Some Assembly Required by Jared Green
Insecticide by Angela Yang

Estructuras Insoportables I by Cecilia Prandi
Estructuras Insoportables II by Cecilia Prandi
Crane Preen by Zev Labinger
Winged Woman by Zev Labinger
Pleated Gentian – Gentiana Affinis by Ren Elizabeth
Pacific Trillium – Trillium Ovatum by Ren Elizabeth
The Comfort Of A Story Revisited by Camilla Taylor
Reflection by Camilla Taylor


The City That Never Freezes by Kim Drew Wright
Your Father’s Body by Katie Bannon
The Space Between by Michael Hahn
An Unnatural History by Heidi Schulz

Collage 30 by Libby Saylor
Collage 37 by Libby Saylor
In A Nutshell by Robin Young
The Uninvited Funeral Guest by Glenn Thomas
When The Unexpected Draws You Closer by Bill Wolak
Tower Friends by Gregg Williard
Fenced by Michelle McElroy
Arcade by Michelle McElroy
Striped Landscape by Michael Montlack
City Oranges by Thad Devassie


Fascinating Womanhood Erasure #4 by Lisa Huffaker
Teddy’s Tadpoles by Zebulon Huset
Riddle by AM Ringwalt
Deliberate by Michelle Matthees
Stilts by Aimee Wright Clow
My Brother’s Lab by Hunt Hawkins
If I’m My Own Spirit Animal It Would Serve Me Right by Jeffrey Morgan
The Losing by Michael Mark
Pleasure by Kira K Homsher


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