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AM Ringwalt

If there was          a rose          in the meadow
If there was          a rose          in your palm

Meadow          in the palm          like a mirror
Meadow          in the veins          of the deer-dog

If your palm          softened          by rose
If the meadow          met a mirror          what—?


A child sings          in riddles          in my dreams
In dreams          I am her mother          like a mirror          

A child sings          in my dreams          and softens
My dreams          in my palm          I name her you

You          like a rose-bell          softening still          
You          around the neck          of the deer-dog          


I soften          like the fur          of the deer-dog          
Soften          like the rose          held up to mirror          

I mirror          the meadow          what impossible meadow          
Where each ache          is a thorn          turned to grass-blade          

Where each ache          is a thorn          turned to grass-flute        
To what—?          at your lips          at your lips

AM Ringwalt

is a writer and musician. The author of ‘The Wheel’ (Spuyten Duyvil), her work appears in Bennington Review, Jacket2, Music & Literature and Black Warrior Review. She teaches creative writing at Belmont University and is a contributing blogger for Action Books. Called “ghostly” by American Songwriter, ‘Waiting Song’ is her most recent record.

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