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48.1 – Winter 2019

phoebe 48.1 cover

48.1 – Winter 2019
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Cover Art by Bill Wolak

Bones by Mac McCaskill
House Rules by Lesley Finn
Ghosting by Lila Cherneff
The Robot Mom by Aubrey Hirsch
In Eden They Whistled by Kayla Lightner

Art Gallery I
Current/Undercurrent by Carolyn Guinzio
Leaves in my Soul by Karen Boissonneault-Gauthier
Witness to the Seasons by Karen Boissonneault-Gauthier
Watering the Leaves by Karen Boissonneault-Gauthier
The Last Promise by Bill Wolak

Pal by Jessica Kinnison
Project/Object by Amanda E. Gomez
My Missing Pieces by Ellie Bozmarova

Art Gallery II
Inside Outside by Melinda Giordano
Plastic Photography 5 by Ana Jovanovska
Plastic Photography 7 by Ana Jovanovska
Secondhand by Rachel Linn
MEVLANA by Shahryar Medi

Twenty-Six Words for Vulva: A is for Aperture by Billie Tadros
Overlook by Laura Romeyn
Guess My Name by Rainie Oet
Appointment by Allan Peterson
Nimbostratus by Laton Carter
The Stripe of Trees by Kimberly Lambright
Juice Moon by Kimberly Lambright
[there is a man] by Erin Taylor
Sonnet with Emergency Room and Skillet by Robert Thomas
Inheritance by Esteban Rodriguez
Landscape Where I Forget My Father by Jennie Malboeuf
The Windfarm by Connor Yeck
Colorado by Maureen Seaton
Incest Sonnets by Maureen Seaton
Leap by Maureen Seaton
How to deal with your first death by Lauren Henley
to the window by Meredith Clark
Your dream of lions by Aisha Down
woman house by Candice Wuehle
Juniper Questions by Margaret Young
Again the Mockingbird by Margaret Young
Who Gave Them Bones by Kamal E. Kimball

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