47.2 – Spring 2018

Cover Art by Matt Gold

The Rubber Tapper’s Knife by Richard Hermes, Fiction Contest Winner
Been Fighting Since by K Chess, Fiction Contest Runner-Up
Gypsum by Isabelle Gilbert, Fiction Contest Reader’s Choice
This Life May Be Monitored for Quality and Training Purposes by Daniel Paul
Storm by Roy Kesey
From A Book of First Sentences by Laynie Browne:
Texual Brow


Foreign Body by Kate Finegan, Nonfiction Contest Winner
Hearts and Minds by Nolan Capps, Nonfiction Contest Runner-Up
The Gift by Lesley Jenike
Depth Control by Lauren W. Westerfield
Living Archive by Brian Phillip Whalen
Excelsior Springs Bottling Company by Berry Grass
Pruning the Fern by Sheila Squillante
Astral Weeks by K. C. Wolfe
Telling Stories by Alysia Sawchyn
What Happens When Love Changes by Adrienne Christian
The Thing I Don’t Understand by Brendan Stephens

Sieve as a Verb by Brian Clifton, Poetry Contest Winner
From Indivisible by Laynie Browne
Congratulations by Chelsey Minnis
Golddigger by Chelsey Minnis
Goodbye by Chelsey Minnis
A Theory by Jane Huffman
E-Dusk by JJ Rowan
[The Entirety of My Juvenilia …] by Levi Andalou
Then There’s the Garden’s Opulent Hollowing by Gina Keicher
Grief by Arjun Parikh
Horse and Puddle by Peter Krumbach
Ixodes Pacificus: Tic Tick by H. Simonsen

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