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Aimee Wright Clow

Three toes fall over the line, severed at just the right place so the
foot does not bleed. The foot walks away and the toes become
seeds, slowly wriggling into the mud-line where they will eat and
break and blossom.

To imagine the toes eating, picture skin dry and cracked along its creases. The joints open a little mouth.

To imagine the foot walking away, picture lifting and landing,
picture some imprints, a trail with no blood, only wind which is

To imagine the line, picture a knife.

Aimee Wright Clow

(she/they) is a writer & book designer living in Durham, NC where they co-curate the series Poetry + Music at the Octopod. Their work has appeared or is forthcoming with journals including Interim, The Bennington Review, Salt Hill, and Hayden’s Ferry Review. Their book arts project, A Brief Map of Albany, was printed with Utilities Included in 2019.

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